Christmas at Siempre.

Merry Christmas from the children of Siempre Para Los Ninos. May God richly bless you and all those you love in the year to come.

Christmas is off to the a great start for all of the children. Parties have been happening all week and presents have been coming in! Each child even received a new bike for Christmas! How amazing? over 30 bikes! We want to thank everyone who has made this Christmas special, and for the continued support of Siempre.

Christmas for how many?

Siempre’s kids are lkids on bikesooking forward to an incredible first Christmas in the safety, warmth, love, security, Joy and Promise of Siempre Para Los Ninos, from Beginnings@Siempre for babies, to the Main House, over to RileyHouse@Siempre for teens.

We’ve learned that we can’t save every child – but we can make a HUGE difference in the lives of these children – some who know or remember no other family then the one they’re building at Siempre.

We want to make sure that each child has the opportunity to live out a great life with big dreams. No child deserves to be cast aside and forgotten… especially at Christmas.

We’re growing rapidly. Our director called about 4 more children abandoned into our arms just last week. We need you, your prayers, your work groups, your loving support and financial commitment all year long. At Christmas – Siempre’s kids need to know that someone remembers. My prayer is that when you go shopping that someone might be you.

Plan now to share part of the miracle.